Midnight Sun in Iceland


You know all those astonishing time-lapse videos that professionals are creating. Images that in real life move slow and are even imperceptible to the human eye are transformed into quick movements thanks to this technique. Time lapse is very well-known nowadays, and like any other discipline it has to be learnt, and now you have a great opportunity to learn from the bests.

But a very important part of this course is that we will travel to a wonderful place, South Iceland, where volcanoes, clouds above glaciers, and icebergs floating in huge lakes will offer us a unique scenery for this kind of photography. And do not forget that during this season the sun shines 24 hours a day, since it does not set: everlasting dusks turn to dawn. Have you ever dreamt about a golden hour that lasts for four? Don’t dream, here it is real.

The course will be led by the Time-lapse expert Enrique Pacheco, who will also show you hidden secrets of the landscape. We will use specialized equipment such as motorized dolly, programmable heads, advanced remotes, etc. We make sure you will return home with the best footage ever!

7 days / 6 nights – 19th-25th June, 2013
- Level: medium
- Route difficulty: class 1 (walking without difficulty)
- Price: 1.350 €, To book your place, write to info@enriquepacheco.com
Included: Guide, accommodation, breakfasts and transportation in Iceland
Not included: Flights to and from Iceland, rest of the meals.


-Learn and/or improve time lapse technique with Enrique Pacheco
-Travel to one of the most amazing places on Earth
-Photographing volcanic areas
-24 hours daylight, endless sunsets
-Enjoy one of the prettiest coastlines in the world
-Timelapsing Jökulsarlon lagoon and its icebergs
-See and capture breathtaking waterfalls, geysers, lava fields, etc.

Day1. We will meet at our hotel, have dinner together with the group. We´ll explain the programme of the trip, get acquainted to each other and walk around the Reykjavik city center.

Day2. Early morning, after a good breakfast, we will have a theory workshop about how to shoot time lapse and get the best results. We will also learn how to use motorized head and dolly.
After lunch, we´ll start the trip to the South. Our first stop is Seljalanfoss waterfall, then Vik, an authentic Icelandic small village, near Skogafoss waterfall and the famous beaches of Dyrhólaey and Reynisdrangar, where we´ll enjoy the beautiful scenery for capturing the sunset and sunrise.

Day 3. After a good sleep and a nice brunch we’ll head to our next spot, the big one, Jokulsarlon lagoon, well known for being the set for a James Bond movie. It is a beautiful lagoon between the glacier and the ocean, a magical place where we’ll spend the day shooting floating icebergs that travel from the glacier to the shore, where they stop in the volcanic sand. If you get lucky you will also see the seals!
After a long day and night of shooting we will sleep in a comfortable and authentic farmhotel very near to the lagoon.

Day 4. We head back to our previous accommodation in Vik, this time making new stops at Vatnajokull and Soleimajokull glaciers, where glacier lagoons are now appearing as a result of the climatic change. The last time lapses of the day will be done at the beach in Vik, where three big rock formations show up from the dept of the ocean which according to the Icelandic sagas are believed to be old trolls.

Day 5. This day will be full of attractions! We´ll visit Thingvellir, the big valley where the American and European tectonic plates are crashing, creating a huge cliff. We will also be stopping at the Geysir and the hot springs that surround it. And finally Gulfoss, the majestic waterfall with two big steps. Get ready for the greatest experience ever!
Alter that we´ll head back to our main hotel in Reykjavik.

Day 6. During the last day we will have the second theoretical workshop, during which we will learn how to process and edit the footage that we shot during our trip. Enrique And Dustin will share all his knowledge and tricks with you, to help you to improve your workflow in RAW files and video processing.
After dinner we will have time to go to have some fun in the city center and celebrate our success with a beer.

Day 7. Departure day, or maybe time for going shopping and enjoying The Blue Lagoon.


  1. Hi, I’m interested in taking a time lapse course this coming summer, which tours are you going to offer?
    I’m a professional film/video editor with some directional experiences and I’m an intermediate-advanced (hobby)photographer.
    As a matter of fact, i only can do tours with a Route difficulty: class 1 (walking without difficulty).

    Please contact me as soon as possible, Thank you!

    btw wonderful movies and pictures!

  2. Hola Enrique, me gustaría saber si hay plazas para el workshop de Timelapse en Islandia y qué fecha tope tengo para decidirme.
    En el caso de realizar reserva, ¿Cuanto sería la señal a abonar?
    Muchas gracias y saludos.

  3. Hy Enrique!
    Im also very interested in your time lapse workshop in July 2012. Im a Student from Asstria at University of Apllied Sciences and I just want to gett into it. I feel fascinated from time lapses since i saw my first.

    I please you for contact!

    Regards, Georg

    • Acabamos de regresar de Islandia de este Tour
      Auroras, glaciares, lagos con icebergs, playas negras, paisajes extraños y luces insólitas.
      Ya digo, imprescindible para fotógrafos y también para amantes de la belleza en estado puro

  4. Hola Enrique me gustaría saber si quedan plazas y si quedan como se haría los pagos y con que aerolinea se puede volar a Islandia y que clase de material he de llevar.Muchas Gracias Enrique

  5. great!

  6. Que tal estoy muy interesado en participar! aun hay lugares? me podrian confirmar para apartar mi lugar! muchas gracias y excelente día!

  7. Hola Enrique, una pregunta, hace falta dominar otro idioma como el ingles o simplemente basta con hablar español como es mi caso? saludos!

  8. Buenas tardes Enrique, he estado en Islandia y me he quedado con las ganas de hacer otras miles de fotos, pero esta vez ,me gustaría hacerlo bajo tu supervisión…, como tengo que hacer??

    Un saludo,



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