Quick-lapse in New York


This is just me having fun while shooting a time-lapse video in New York.


  1. Comentario

    • fotografo aficionado quiere visionar video
      me gusta tu trabajo y el metodo time lapse

  2. This video is amazing i love the quality of the video did you record this with the sony nex5n?

    • This timelapse is made with Canon 5D and Zeiss Lenses.

  3. Hello i would like to know why on the video Quick_lapse in New York between 42s and 50s day night scene why appears that strange effect pn the sky because im doing timelapses and im facing the some problem. why that happens and thers anyway to avoid that.
    please help me
    I really enjoy your work.
    Ps. are u thinking doing some worshops during july and august (in spain)this year because i really would like to have one with you.
    im asking this because its in my period of hollidays and since im from Porto Portugal i could go to Madrid to have the workshop.
    Many Thanks

    • Hi Pedro, that problem is called flicker, and happens when exposure change due the long transition. You can fix it with LrTimelapse or GBdeflicker.
      You can hire a personal mentoring session with me when you are in Madrid. Check the options on my workshops page.
      Kind regards.

  4. Hola Enrique,

    Primero, muchas felicidades por tu trabajo. Acabo de meterme en el mundo del timelapse, y estoy creando uno de mi ciudad (Santander, España). Me gustaría preguntarte cómo has conseguido hacer la puesta de sol (desde que se pone hasta que puedes ver los edificios con las luces). Te formulo las siguientes preguntas para que puedas contestarme

    ¿Empiezas con un EV +1?
    ¿Cuál es el intervalo entre disparo? ¿30sec?
    ¿Qué parámetros de la cámara me aconsejas para conseguir esa silueta del sol y luego las luces de los edificios?

    Muchas gracias.

    Un saludo

    • Este timelapse está hecho en manual y variando el diafragma progresivamente mirando siempre el live view.

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