Raw Lightscapes


Iceland is much more than the volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Iceland is the place where the light is made. It has the most amazing light I have ever seen, endless sunsets in summer, crazy northern lights in winter and beautiful colors all the year.


  1. It is magnificent!

  2. ¡Genial!

  3. Relajante, emocionate y fascinante!

  4. Tío, recuerdame que te invite a una buena botella de vino de mi tierra…Que luuujo de video.

  5. Madness!!! Beautiful madness!!! I am delighted!!

  6. Wonderful stuff, thank you for sharing.

  7. Todo lo que veo de Finlandia es ESPECTACULAR!!!!!
    Me encantaría poder visitar este lugar.
    Gracias, Enrique por compartir estos maravillosos videos.

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