Digital Cinema Workshop

14 Jan Digital Cinema Workshop

I`ve been very lucky to have the chance of leading a Digital Cinema Workshop in Madrid with Macgregor last during the weekend of 12th and 13th of January.
We used and tested many cameras, like Red Scarlet, Canon C300, 1Dc, Sony F35, Sony a99.

We did many tests, as sensitivity, dynamic range, etc. Also worked with the footage in Davinci Resolve an Red Cine, here are some pics of the workshop. Sorry, most of the text is in Spanish.

Thanks to the following for making this workshop Possible.

Sony: Sony a99, Monitor 7”, Zeiss, etc.
Ceproma: Canon C300, Astro, Marshall, O´connor, etc
Redphoto: Canon 1Dc, Zeiss and more…
Nomada: RED Scarlet.
ePlato: Studio and lighting.