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In this film, water, or vatn, contemplates its nature within the ecosystem of Iceland. Water is the protagonist, a powerful voice to be reckoned with, while also aware of its role in the environment.

Today, a few powerful corporations have created industry which, for the first time, significantly threaten the manner in which water has always spoken, and flowed through Iceland. If this continues, the earth will lose the pure sound of wisdom from this ancient source.

Will we preserve this environment?

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Enrique Pacheco studied photography and documentary filmmaking in Madrid at EFTI, Instituto del Cine de Madrid, and FP Atocha. Enrique’s first documentary, Al Calor de las Chimeneas, (In the Heat of the Chimneys) examines industry and climate change in Spain.

Enrique’s career changed when his equipment was stolen. At that point, he decided to do the only thing which made sense at the time: that was, move to Iceland. There, he started over with some of nature’s most volatile subjects, such as live volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, fjörds, and the authentic Icelandic culture.
Since 2008, he has taught specialized workshops in DSLR timelapse and filmmaking. Enrique has contributed to and and regularly expresses well-traveled reviews of photo technology on his blog.

Enrique work revolves around documenting the beauty of earth. His hope is to inspire viewers to fall in love again with their own nature and environment. You can read more about his story here.

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What inspired you to make this film in the first place?

I think my main inspiration is nature and landscape. The contact with the environment is very close in Iceland, I feel a part of what surrounds me, and that helps me do my job. From the first time I came to Iceland in 2008, I was strongly affected by the energy given off that island. It is a big source of inspiration for me and for many other artists.

In this film, you say that water is a protagonist. Does that mean there is an antagonist?

No doubt, I think that we, human beings are the antagonists. We are changing the life cycle of water. This film is for water conservation. Instead of talking about water, I decided to personify water, give it voice, so we can hear it.

A handful of corporations have made a few dams. Is it really that big of a deal? Isn’t water able to take care of itself?

The big corporations only think about money, if it’s profitable to bring the aluminum from Australia to Iceland and process it there, because energy is cheaper, they will. And for this they have to flood vast areas of land. Iceland has a huge source of water through glaciers, which means it has the ability to generate a lot of electricity at low cost, since it doesn`t depend on fossil fuels. But that energy can not be considered completely clean, for wide open spaces of high ecological value will be flooded, in many cases destroyed, by building dams. Iceland is one of the last places on earth where we can see nature in its purest form, untouched by human hand, but how long will it be?

Some would say that giving the water character human attributes is limiting its nature. What do you say?

I think the problem is that we take for granted that water is something that belongs to us, as well as the right to dispose of it anywhere. And we forget that the water was here long before us, and surely will continue after we are gone. We forget that we are part of it, and live by it. We forget that we need a balance with the other elements of the earth and living creatures. We just think of our more selfish interests, ignoring any alarm signal to our attacks to the environment. I believe that water transcends beyond the human being, but perhaps only treating it as one of us, we can understand its fundamental value.

Are there any other elements you are going to film? Will there be a Fire, an Air, or an Earth?

It’s something that crossed my mind, my previous film “Winter in Hell” had a lot of the other elements. It is actually divided into Ice and Fire, in equal parts. On one hand the great glaciers and icebergs, and on the other the volcanic eruption of 2010 Eyjafjallajökull. Right now I am in preproduction on my next film, a more social documentary that also takes place in the magnificent Icelandic landscape. Soon I can give more details.

What is so special about the water in Iceland?

Just traveling around the island you realize that water permeates everything. Endless wide rivers from glaciers, impossible waterfalls, rain, hotsprings, snow, icebergs floating in majestic lagoons, and especially the sea that surrounds everything. The human being knows that water is wealthiness, and the source of life. In Iceland it is everywhere, in all states, free, pure, as it has been for millions of years.

Interview by Barbro Rakos.


  1. This is a brilliant, inspiring film filled with beauty and wisdom. When I watch it, my awareness is heightened and expanded…I can directly intuit my connection with the Earth. This is art that generates a new awareness… this is art to awaken humanity from its nightmare of greed, fear, anger and hate and the unrelenting destruction of our beautiful planet’s habitability.

    Thank you for this awakening and may all humanity awaken to our connection to the Earth and to the grave peril into which our civilization is falling!

  2. Þessi mynd er fjársjóður sem að ég ætla að geyma og horfa á við og við til að fá frið í sálina. Muchas gracias!

  3. Magnifica película y magnífico texto lleno de sensibilidad y a la vez preocupación. Enhorabuena.

  4. Genial Enrique. Un potosí de luz, color, buen hacer y sobre todo de transmisión exquisita de los valores de la naturaleza. Gracias por compartir este trabajo con nosotros.

  5. Muy buena la parte fotografica, se roba toda la atencion, por tal motivo ni me fije en la narracion, brutal el lapse time.

    Lo malo: no grabaste ni un solo animal :( .

  6. Si hubiese que plasmar la perfección de alguna forma tu vídeo lo hace de manera maravillosa. Muchas gracias.

  7. Es que es tan bueno que te lo he comprado ;) Ya me dirás cómo me lo pasas.

  8. Speechless! Absolutely beautiful!

  9. the water as the protagonist or main character is a great idea. stunning photography, congratulations

  10. Gracias, Enrique. Tu película nos ha enamorado. La vida existe gracias al agua y lo has sabido plasmar muy bien.

  11. impresionante mirada al elemento que nos permite la vida.espero no perder el link para muchas mas personas se puedan regalar un momento de reflexion como el que yo tuve… gracias por exponer tu trabajo. ivan sur de CHILE`.

  12. Quería simplemente transmitirte lo que había sentido y pensado viendo Vatn, pero me he quedado sin palabras.Durante 08:29 min el control lo han tomado mis retinas, han desconectado la lógica.Ese viaje lo produce tu film.Un abrazo.

  13. Muy bueno. Has sabido reflejar la esencia de ese pais tan especial que es Islandia. Qué recuerdos más entrañables de nuestro viaje a esa isla!!. Enhorabuena, Enrique

  14. Acabo de descubrir tu trabajo y además acabo de volver de Islandia, es fantástico, estoy empezando a montar mi propio documental del viaje que hemos hecho mi mujer y mi hijo los tres solos por esas tierras increibles y este video es una inspiración para ilustrar lo que aquellos paisajes transmiten. Perfectamente captada esa extraña “paz salvaje”. Islandia es eso, naturaleza que todavía nos ignora (por suerte)

  15. Mi primera toma de contacto con Islandia fue en agosto de 2008. Desde entonces vivo enamorado de aquellos paisajes, de sus habitantes y de su paz. He comprado la película a ciegas tras ver parte de ella ayer en RTVE. Ya me dirás cómo descargarla. Gracias y enhorabuena!

  16. Espectacular.De un buen gusto que no veía desde el documental de Herzog, ese de Irak y los campos petrolíferos.No tratan lo mismo, claro está, pero conmueven muchísimo…

  17. Es una pelicula fantastica,está hecha con muy buen gusto y a la vez con pedagogia y queriendo concienciarnos de lo importante que es el agua, sin ella no hubiese vida.Tambien quiero reseñar el muy merecido primer premio que se llevó en el festival de cine de Caceres, de turismo y medio ambiente!no es para menos!
    Sigue asi Enrique, regalandonos los ojos con estos videos tan fantasticos; y que conste que no es pasión de madre.
    Estas hecho todo un artista.

  18. Amazing work , congratulations

  19. Stunning Video!! I like your combination of time-lapse and slo-mo! very effective.

  20. Buen artículo ! Se deberia tomar ejemplo de los autobuses islandeses , primeros que emplean como motor baterías de hidrógeno. Los vehículos así equipados no emiten gases a la atmósfera, lo que supone un paso adelante en la lucha contra la contaminación ambiental y el efecto invernadero.. espero que sigamos avanzando.

  21. Hola Enrique
    Me alegro de todos tus exitos
    Me gustaría saber si todavía sigues organizando viajes fotográficos a Islandia
    ¿Dónde puedo leer la información?
    Espero tu respuesta .
    Un cordial saludo


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