“Vatn” wins Cinextur Film Festival

17 May “Vatn” wins Cinextur Film Festival

Just a year ago, in May 2011, I started my trip to Iceland with the purpose of making a documentary on the topic of water in that country. At that time I only had a small script, just an idea. However, I had plenty of enthusiasm to make an innovative film about conservationism.
My idea was to raise awareness of the problem that the Icelandic society is facing – having to choose between keeping their natural environment, with the largest fresh water reserve in Europe, or surrendering to the big corporations, hungry for resources of energy. But I didn`t want to make a traditional documentary of nature conservation. I wanted to show the beauty of Icelandic environment, so that the viewer would become aware of how much is at stake, and that it must be preserved at all costs.
A year later, the result of many months of hard work got rewarded. Vatn won the film festival of tourism and ecology of Caceres, Cinextur. This prize, given by a prestigious jury, confirms that Vatn has achieved its purpose – it has transmitted the idea that water is a precious source of life and it must be preserved in its natural environment.