Time-lapsing Aurora Borealis.

30 Nov Time-lapsing Aurora Borealis.

Wonderlights from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

The South coast offers a magnificent opportunity to photograph and time-lapse Aurora Borealis and Icelandic landscape. It is a great area for exploring the majestic glaciers, mountainside waterfalls, black sandy shores, incredible rock formations and fields of lava grown with luscious moss and authentic Icelandic farms by the glaciers.

Now imagine all that landscape as the main stage of one of the most impressive spectacles of nature, the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. And as we all know, for taking the best photos it is important to consider what is in the foreground and what is taking place in the sky. Here’s where both of these aspects become essential. Hence, one of the objectives of this workshop will be improving the use of our DSLR camera and our technique of night photography and time-lapse.

The tours are suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Enrique Pacheco will help you to get the best results possible, he is an expert in Aurora Borealis, Iceland and timelapse photography.
Enrique has done more than 10 of this workshops, and all the participants succeeded on capturing Aurora Borealis, that mean something.

Time-lapse Workshop Aurora Borealis in Iceland  –  6 days / 5 nights

– Dates: March 2nd to 7th, 2018.
– Level: Medium.
– Difficulty of terrain: class 1 (no difficulty walking)
– Price: 2.250€
– Max. number of participants: To have a close and personal experience, now limited to just 7 people.
– Registration: [email protected]
– Included: Guide, driver, accommodation in comfortable double rooms, breakfast and transportation in Iceland.
– Not included: Rest of the meals, flights to and from Iceland, transfer to and from the airport.


– Photographing one of the greatest spectacles of nature – the Northern Lights
– Improve our technique in night photography and time-lapse with Enrique Pacheco
– Visiting Jokulsarlon, the glacier lagoon
– Volcanic landscapes, hot springs, etc.
– Capturing stunning waterfalls, lava fields, icebergs, etc.
– Travelling to one of the most photogenic places on Earth


What to bring:

– DSLR Camera
– Steady Tripod
– Memory cards (At least 64Gb)
– Intervalometer
– Laptop and external hard drive. Better if Lightroom installed.
– Warm clothes (winter coat, waterproof pants, boots and plenty of socks)


Day 1. We will meet at our hotel, explanations of the trip and the program will be given. After that we will have time to get acquainted to each other and if you still have energy we can go photographing the Northern Lights to the near peninsula of Reykjanes.

Day 2. We’ll start the trip to the South. Our first stop is Vik – an authentic small Icelandic villace near to the Skogafoss waterfall and the famous beaches of Dyrhólaey and Reynisdrangar, all of them amazing sceneries for our Northern Lights pictures.

Day 3 and 4. After a good sleep and a nice brunch we’ll head to our next spot, the big one, Jokulsarlon lagoon, well known for being the set for a James Bond movie. It is a beautiful lagoon between the glacier and the ocean, a magical place where we’ll spend the day shooting floating icebergs that travel from the glacier to the shore, where they stop in the volcanic sand.

Day 5. We head back to our first accommodation in Reykjavik, this time making new stops at Vatnajokull and Soleimajokull glaciers, where glacier lagoons are now appearing as a result of the climatic change. The last time lapses of the day will be done at beach in Vik where three big rock formations show up from the dept of the ocean which according to the Icelandic sagas are believed to be old trolls.

Day 6. Departure day. If Your flight is in the afternoon, don’t miss the Blue Lagoon near the airport!


Wonderlights from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.