Shoot for Istockphoto or Getty Images

04 Jan Shoot for Istockphoto or Getty Images

One of the great opportunities that the Internet has given to the world of audiovisual production is that it has made it possible to work for some clients that you never have the chance to meet with in person. That´s what the stock agencies are offering – the freedom to produce what ever you like while they will take care of the distribution and sales.

I used to work with iStockphoto myself. But I recently started cooperating with Getty Images where the standards are even higher and the jobs more demanding. So far is being a pleasure to work for Getty, they really take care of the contributors, I feel like being part of a big family, in which some members even take care of the painful part of my job, selling, accounting and distributing. I just have to shoot and enjoy, they take care of the rest.

Here we can see how does a day look like in a studio that works for Istockphoto, one of the biggest stock agencies in the world right now.