“Australis”, Latin for southern: of, relating to, or coming from the south.


Some travels are so extraordinary, they emerge as one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime episodes. Some places are unconditionally self-containing, sheltered and undisturbed by the mundane errands of the rest of the world. Some experiences exist on a different, separate plane, as if they happen in parallel with real, ordinary, day-to-day life.


This film tells the story of my ultimately ineffable journey through one of the southernmost regions on Earth – Patagonia. Through images of breathtaking scenery I seek to express the emotions and impressions that could not even begin to be conceived in words. From the constantly advancing glacier of Perito Moreno in Argentina, to the Chile Austral and its magnificent Torres del Paine National Park, through the impressive mountain range of Fitz Roy, I share with you a small window into the most strenuous, demanding – and rewarding journey I have ever taken.


Cinematography: Enrique Pacheco (
Original Soundtrack: Petteri Sainio ( )


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