The Maghreb

Morocco is a country that awakens in the photographer a desire for adventure.


From the green mountains of the northern Rif to the arid hot desert of Erg Chebbi, the country offers endless opportunities to get fantastic photographs we have always dreamed of.


This trip to Morocco was certainly one of the most rewarding and enriching I have done so far, both for traveling alone and for the magnificent results that I have achieved. I was very lucky with the weather and the people who kindly helped me throughout my stay.


None of it could be done without the outstanding equipment I have used: DSLR Sony A99 and Sony FS700, lent by Sony Spain, and Xlidercam-M, lent by KietaCAM. Therefore I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Javier Agueda, Belen Arronte and Jose Hernandez.


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